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My Philosophy

My philosophy is to help you advocate your best birth and postpartum experience.

We all know labor, birth and postpartum can be beautiful but it isn't all happy, happy, joy, joy. But how to navigate this?

With support, education and a bit of self pampering.

I hope to help many women and families become their best version. The term of 'Matrescence' was coined by Dana Raphel, meaning the process of becoming a mother. The title of my Doula services, "Tides of Matrescence", reflects the well known but much less talked about 'tides' of motherhood; where both psychological and physical changes may be celebrated and/ or unwanted in many respects. Lets face it; there's days when we've got it! Then theres days we've got a screw loose.

Tides come and go. I'm here to wade with you through the shallows and lend a hand in deep waters. 

My Story

 My name is Leirosa and I have a passion for birth and specifically informed birth decisions and care for women. This has partly come from my own experiences, having four beautiful children, and learnt lessons along the way. However in a broader respect I revere life lessons in self-respect, pride and the positivity of long suffering where it was once not found. 

Tides of Matrescence was born in 2020 when life was tough, but opportunities were found. Having a newborn in my hands highlighted that life goes on, and blessings are not always in the form we expect.

My home life consists of four children and my husband. We are a homeschooling family, and small business owners.

Life is busy! But we enjoy it as such <3

My Training

My training as a Doula was provided by the fantastic International Doula Institute.


My postpartum Doula training is currently being undertaken also through the International Doula Institute.

Baby Siblings
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